Verification workflow

A workflow is a set of verification tasks representing your verification process. Each case can go through this process to be verified before it can be onboarded by your organization.

Ondorse lets you build and run workflows as you like. It orchestrates all the bricks of your compliance stack.

You can easily build a workflow that fits your needs by adding the following components:

  • data check against company registers
  • identify and verify UBOs, directors, signatories
  • perform ID verifications
  • add a range of fraud checks: credit risk, phone checks, email checks, document forgery checks
  • and more.

We have listed the tasks you can use to build your own workflow in this section. But note that we frequently update this list.

You can easily add and remove tasks, even after you started onboarding customers. This allows your organization to keep up with new regulations without developing new technical integrations between your systems and Ondorse (or any compliance, risk or fraud service providers). Read more about the integration between Ondorse and your systems here.