A scan analyzes the entirety of a customer database in one go to reveal risk factors and compliance gaps.

Scan library

Scans relies on a library of 30+ compliance checks that can reveal risks and compliance gaps such as:

  • Document expiration: the date of expiration of the cases documents are extracted via document analysis
  • Connections with risky countries: connections with risky countries (FATF lists, EU lists..) are revealed. Connections that are analysed includes residency country pf directors and UBOs, registration country of connected entities, head office country, etc..
  • Missing documents or compliance data points: reveal the cases that are potentially incomplete
  • Connections with PEP: reveal the politically exposed persons on your customers database
  • Risky legal type: such as associations
  • Aging report: reveal the cases that are outdated and needs to be re-KYC
  • etc.

New compliance check are constantly added to the library.

Scan report

Each scan produces a report and list the problematic cases. You can explore this report and plan a remediation if necessary.