Rules allow you to perform actions on applications based on custom triggers. If you want to automate repetitive actions, you're in the right place!

How it works

Rules are composed of:

  • a trigger
  • conditions
  • actions


The trigger is the event that happens to an application to start the rule process. The triggers available in Ondorse are:

  • application created
  • application updated
  • application assigned
  • new tasks' content in application


Conditions are attributes the application must have for the rule to be successfully be executed. These can relate to:

  • the application content
  • the tasks' content inside of the application


Actions are the events you wish to happen if the rule is executed. There is a long list of possible actions, including:

  • bumping the risk of the application
  • adding tags
  • rejecting or approving the application
  • assigning an agent to the application
  • commenting
  • more complex things like firing an HTTP request (which is a very powerful action to integrate Ondorse in your work environment, see Rules common use cases article)