User roles

Ondorse has two distinct user roles:

Reviewer: This is the default role assigned to users in Ondorse.
Qualified reviewer: Users with this role have additional privileges, particularly in decision-making processes.

Decision restriction on a case status

For Reviewer, the Decision button remains disabled until all tasks associated with a case are . This means that Reviewers can only approve cases that are in status Ready for decision..

Qualified reviewers have the ability to make decisions regardless of task completion status.

Decision restrictions on case risk

Certain cases in Ondorse require a decision (approval or rejection) exclusively by a qualified reviewer.
For these cases, the Decision button is disabled for users with the reviewer role.

Ondorse implements a rule engine that enables setting conditions under which a case decision becomes restricted. The Ondorse admin interface allows for the creation of such rules, enabling client accounts to define their decision-making processes based on variable rights.