Ondorse integrates ComplyAdvantage.

See Screening directors, Screening company, Screening UBOs, Screening account owner


Ondorse <> ComplyAdvantage links and backlinks

In the screening task, for each screening target there is a direct link to ComplyAdvantage's corresponding case.

In ComplyAdvantage case view, there is a link to Ondorse's corresponding applications:


To setup your ComplyAdvantage account with Ondorse, you'll need to:

  • create a Ondorse dedicated API key and communicate your account details to your account owner: to let Ondorse platform send data to your ComplyAdvantage account
  • create webhooks: to let ComplyAdvantage send data back to Ondorse platform
  • create a Ondorse backlink tag: to let users easily navigate between ComplyAdvantage and Ondorse
  • activate Case monitoring

To do so, follow these steps:


  1. In your ComplyAdvantage account, navigate to API > API Keys:

  2. In the section Create a new API Key, enter Ondorse as Key label and click Create

  3. Share the API key with your Ondorse account owner

  4. In the section Settings > Search profiles, identify the profile you'd like to use and share the Profile ID with your Ondorse account owner

  5. In the section Account Settings, identify your fuzziness interval and communicate the value to your Ondorse account owner


Fuzziness value

A higher value of fuzziness will match more while a lower value will match less.

In the end, you should communicate these 3 elements to your Ondorse account owner: API key, Profile ID, Fuzziness interval value.


  1. Ask your Ondorse account owner for your dedicated webhook endpoint URLs. They should you provide with 2 URLs:
    • search_update URL: it looks like
    • match_update URL: it looks like
  2. In your ComplyAdvantage account, navigate to API > API Webhooks.
  3. In the section Create a new Web Hook, create 2 webhooks with these properties:
ondorse_search_updateThe search_update URL provided by your Ondorse account ownerSearch Status Updates
ondorse_match_updateThe match_update URL provided by your Ondorse account ownerEntity Match Updates
  1. Click "send test" for each webhook and make sure you get the green banner saying something like: Status: 200, Reason-Phrase: OK, URL: …
  2. Notify your Ondorse account owner that the webhook configuration is done βœ…

Ondorse backlink tag

  1. Navigate to Settings > Tags

  2. In section Add tag, add a tag:

    • name: OndorseURL
    • display: Tag name combination

Activate case monitoring

  1. In Settings > Monitor Settings, activate this option:

  1. In the tab User settings, verify your email is subscribed to monitors