We implemented our new branding inside the Ondorse app, infusing our identity throughout the product interfaces to give it a refreshed and more modern look, more in line with our values and more enjoyable for our users. Green takes the lead! 🪴

We released a feature that lets you collect additional documents, even after onboarding.

Find below a demo of the feature:

This comes with a set of webhook events that can be used to automate the sending of emails: collect.opened and collect.closed.

Ondorse case manager got a new sidebar 🎉. It brings an easier navigation into Ondorse's features:

  • Applications: all the Applications in your account
    • My applications: the applications that you are assigned on
    • Needs action: the applications with the status Needs action, ie that requires human action
  • Dashboard: an overview of the risks and KYC operations
  • Portals: all the Portals that are open
  • Tasks: the tasks that have been run on applications. You can filter by task type.
    • My tasks: the tasks run applications that are assigned to you
    • Needs action: the task with the status Needs action
  • Workflow : visualise and configure your workflow
  • Webhooks: create and edit Webhooks
  • Risk: visualise and configure your risk matrix
  • Automations: visualise and configure the automations setup for your account
  • Conditions: visualise and configure the conditions used to parametrise your workflow
  • Custom fields: edit the custom fields
  • Expected documents: edit the documents that are expected in Portal
  • Dynamic links: configure the dynamic links on your account
  • Users: view and add users to your account

The risk rules are now editable in the interface.

Your workflow is now editable from the interface. 🎉

See the demo below 👇

We released a new view for tasks that makes easier to distribute the work among your team.

The shareholder role was added to better describes the shareholding structure.