CSV import

You can import your stock of cases by uploading a CSV in Ondorse.

Once imported, you can re-run the imported cases via your workflows and tasks.

The column that the CSV import accepts are:

  • country: the registration country of the company (3 letters code, e.g: FRA, GBR)
  • registration_number: the registration number of the company (e.g: SIREN)
  • organization_name: the name of the company
  • signatory_first_name (optional): the first name of the signatory
  • signatory_last_name (optional): the last name of the signatory
  • signatory_email (optional): the email address of the signatory
  • signatory_id (optional): the ID card of the signatory (an URL to the document).
  • onboarding_date (optional): date of onboarding of this customer. Can be interpreted as the date of onboarding KYC check.

You can use this spreadsheet template.