AML screening on the relationships

Screen the natural persons and business entity linked to the case

This task, using ComplyAdvantage integration will screen all relationships's names against a database of sanctioned persons, politically exposed persons and adverse media.

If the search result returns one or more hits, the task returns Needs Action, and the Resolve link brings the search result to ComplyAdvantage to validate or invalidate the search.

  • If the search is a False Positive, the task changes to Clear
  • If the search is a True Positive, the task changes to Consider


You can fine-tune which relationship should be screened depending on several parameters:

  • type of relationship: πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸ¦± natural person or 🏒 entity
  • role of the relationships towards the company: signatory, director, UBO, shareholder.. or everyone.
  • risk parameters via task activation conditions: risk level, country, legal type, etc.

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