Rules engine

A unique aspect of building software for onboarding, risk and compliance is the level of flexibility required in managing actions within and outside the Ondorse platform. Beyond the compliance tasks, lots of decisions and actions need to happen for a customer to be onboarded and evaluated.

Onboarding and decision-making work also happens beyond the Ondorse's tasks.

In real-life compliance scenarios, these actions can be

  • as a customer-facing agent, chasing the customer who forgot to upload his or her ID
  • as a middle office manager, assigning a task to a colleague
  • as a compliance officer, approving a case when all the tasks of the verification process are completed

These actions can happen either within Ondorse or be triggered from other tools, within other tools, such as a CRM.

The Ondorse rules engine is our solution to facilitate these actions and make it very easy to iterate, adapt and expand the Ondorse platform.

The Ondorse rules engine started as an internal development tool and is now used across multiple features of the Ondorse platform. We are starting to expose the rule engine to allow Ondorse users to automate a set of actions unique to their use case.