A remediation is an action taken to rectify compliance gaps. With Ondorse, you can start and manage in bulk remediation actions. It could involve automated or manual actions.

While scans are a compliancy assessment tool, remediation is its repair counterpart.

Remediations library

You can chose among a library of remediation tools such as:

  • Document collection campaign: start email campaigns to collect missing or invalid documents from the customer
  • Data enrichment: enrich your compliance customer knowledge with external 3rd-party data providers such as INPI, RBE and RNA or Kompany on data-points such as legal form, UBOs, etc.
  • Assign for manual action: assign the case to someone of your team for a manual action (EDD or re-decision)
  • Re-KYC: have the cases run through a KYC verification process. This may be used when cases are aging.
  • etc..

Remediation target

A remediation targets several cases at once. It's even its primary benefit as you save operational time! You can fine-grained this target by using segments.

Use segments as remediation target allows to:

  • target only the cases with identified compliance gaps revealed using scans\
  • slice and prioritise the remediation based on criteria such as risk, onboarding date, etc..

Document collection campaign management

You can follow the progress of a document collection campaign management.