Manual task

A manual task tracks something a user needs to perform as part of a workflow, but is happening outside the Ondorse case. Manual tasks are defined by their title and content. An example of a manual task is:

Verify that the merchant is not engaging in unauthorized activities

  • Verify on the merchant website whether is selling any items from the following categories: pharmaceuticals, CBD derived products, weapons

Call the prospective customer

  • Call the prospective customer to get a human understanding of the prospect's business activity

Manual tasks must be passed manually and do not run automatically.

As a task, it leverages the whole Ondorse task framework. By default, once it has run, it has a Needs action status. It can be manually cleared. The clearing of it will be recorded in the audit log, and the user will be invited to leave a comment.

Automating manual tasks is one of Ondorse's core tenets: more to come on this in the near future.


The human touch

While Ondorse looks to automate repetitive tasks as much as possible, we also know that some of the work can't be fully automated, at least for now. Manual tasks act as gentle reminders towards humans. By combining manual tasks with automated tasks, one is able to replicate the entire onboarding policy into Ondorse. Manual tasks are also helpful to quickly onboard new people to the compliance function by making following a compliance workflow easier to be onboarded on.